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HEISENBERG was born out of a dream, a passion and a leap of faith in April 2016 at Mangaf - Kuwait. Brainchild of Danger Chef, an extraordinary cook who had honed his skills over the years through his constant association with some of the finest master cooks of the time.
With a rich experience in the fifield of catering and hospitality, we offer efficint, reliable and world class restaurant.

All our food is cooked using only the freshest and finest ingredients, providing an excellent eating experience.


Our restaurant is a place where people come to relax, have a good time, and enjoy a great meal.
From the moment our customers walk in the door, they are greeted by a clean warm atmosphere, friendly and courteous staff.

Best Burgers

You can enjoy with best burger which prepared by our Danger cheif.

Eat & Enjoy

With our danger, secret and special sauce, give your brain freedome to taste.


Enjoy your meal and have some rest.